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Daehyun Jin (DJ) is a therapeutically qualified optometrist, compassionate, dedicated and renowned for his commitment to provide exceptional eye care. He completed his Bachelor’s degree with Hons, at the University of Auckland and is fluent in both English and Korean. 

Daehyun’s journey to Optometry was sparked by a moment during his driver’s license application. Failing the AA driving screening test led him to a local Optometrist for further checks, where he was inspired by the profound impact Optometrists have on people’s vision. 

His passion for Optometry was further inspired during his first year of health science studies in Dunedin, where he encountered an Optometrist speaker who demonstrated the important role Optometrists play in improving people’s vision and overall quality of life within our community. Since then, Daehyun’s goal has been clear - to become an Optometrist. 

Throughout his career, Daehyun is highly interested and skilled in various aspects of Optometry, with a specific focus on contact lenses and the treatment of complex conditions like keratoconus and high myopia. His prior employment in Northland equipped him with invaluable insights into managing complex cases, effecting meaningful change in the lives of patients across the region. 

Outside of his professional work, Daehyun enjoys playing sports, such as badminton and golf, and he challenges himself to catch big fish in Northland with his friends. 

Now, Daehyun is excited to begin a new chapter in his career journey with Mortimer Hirst, an optometry practice renowned for its commitment to excellence in eyecare. He looks forward to utilizing his expertise and passion to continue providing exceptional eye care services and making a positive impact on the lives of even more individuals.

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