Starck Eyes was launched in 2006 in association with the Alain Mikli International group. On the concept of eyewear Phillipe Starck remarks, “They correspond best with what I call the non-product of tomorrow; ethical, reflecting intelligence and elegance.” But above all, he emphasises, glasses are neither a fashion accessory nor a mere frill, they fulfil an obligatory function. “In a world where we are suffocated by useless products whose only goal is to be sold, they belong in the fundamental sphere of everything designed and built for human advantage.”


For this line Phillip Starck created a technological revolution in the form of a screw-less hinge modelled on the human shoulder joint, known as the ‘biolink’. Just as the human clavicle moves, the multidirectional freedom of the hinge aids in comfort to the wearer. Along with the biolink, the Starck Eyes collections utilise thin, light weight, heat resistant and flexible materials such as carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium.