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Renate is a therapeutically qualified optometrist, graduating from The University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Optometry (Hons). Renate is interested in general optometry, children’s vision, myopia control and contact lens fitting.

Renate first gained an interest in optometry in high school when her younger brother was diagnosed with an eye condition called amblyopia. In Australia, where they were living at the time, there was no state-based children’s vision screening in place, meaning his amblyopia was picked up late and the treatment was less effective. Through this experience, Renate became passionate about providing thorough eye care to preserve patients sight through the early detection and treatment of eye conditions. 

During her studies, Renate completed a research project investigating the prevalence of visual impairment in school-aged children in New Zealand. This retrospective audit of results from school vision screenings found that one in three school children who wore glasses did not have an adequate or ‘up-to-date’ prescription in their glasses. This emphasised the importance of children continuing to have regular eye examinations, ensuring their prescription is up-to-date, and providing them with the best possible vision for learning and schoolwork. These findings earned Renate and her research team the New Zealand College of Optometrists (NZCO) prize for Research in Advanced Vision Science. 

Renate graduated with first class honours and was awarded The University of Auckland Excellence in Clinical Optometry Prize for placing top of her class in her final year of optometry studies. Renate was also awarded a Senior Scholar Award in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences from The University of Auckland for achieving the highest marks for her five-year undergraduate programme in optometry.  Throughout her studies, Renate worked as a student in optometry clinics where she gained hands on experience with lenses and dispensing helping her to earn the Anna Pritchard Dispensing Memorial Cup for excellence in dispensing from The University of Auckland. 

Outside of work, Renate has a keen interest in cooking, pilates and running. Renate enjoys travelling and recently spent five months living abroad in the Netherlands and travelling to nearby countries in Europe. 


Renate is excited to join the team at Mortimer Hirst and grow her skills as a clinician, learning from the talented and industry-leading team.  

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