In 1963, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the legendary Porsche 911. Almost 10 years later he embarked on a mission to build a company that takes the spirit of Porsche beyond the automotive. All of which are based on a principle that is as simple as it is ingenious: "If you analyse the function of an object its form often becomes obvious”. In 1978 Porsche Design created a unique style icon; the Porsche Design sunglasses P'8478. It set a milestone not only in design, but also with its revolutionary interchangeable lens mechanism. Still today, the P'8478 that was sold more than 6 million times is known around the world. Few other sunglasses have caught the spirit of the times to such a degree, they remain a must-have for celebrities.


Porsche Design eyewear stand for "technical luxury", even today, four things are fundamental: function that is reduced to its basic principles; clarity of form that is based on the function; the manufacturing, which pairs perfect craftsmanship with innovative technology; and carefully selected materials that have been specially chosen to suit the function of each and every product.