In 1917 Giuseppe Ratti, owner of Berry Opticians began to make technically advanced sunglasses for pilots and sport drivers who required greater comfort, protection and optimum vision. The brand name came from ‘Per il sole’ meaning ‘for the sun’ in Italian, highlighting their target function. Throughout the 1970s and 80s Persol provided eyewear solutions for rail and space exploration by experimenting with innovative materials and designs. From the 1980s until today, celebrities and models alike have been showcasing Persol for their fashion forward designs and iconic trends.


The sunglasses consist of crystal lenses made from natural origins guaranteeing protection and visual clarity. The arrow design on each frame front and extending down the temples represents the swords of ancient warriors. Polished metals are used to enhance this feature making Persol wearers highly recognisable. The unique ‘Meflecto’ temple system was patented in the 1930’s and is still used in the majority of the collection. This system allows an even distribution of pressure across the temple allowing a custom fit around any face shape and maximising comfort.