When distinguished accessories designer Patty Perreira met celebrated optician Bill Barton at Oliver Peoples, the stars were certainly aligned. Her strong aesthetic prowess (honed over time at fashion houses like Miu Miu, Jil Sander, and Vera Wang) paired with his discerning technical knowledge came to be the force behind Barton Perreira, an ascendant eyewear label that set itself apart with its unique brand of restrained glamour and meticulous design. Achieving a great measure of elegance, intrigue, and covetability in just a short time since its 2007 debut, the LA-based brand prides itself on the innovative accents and superior quality materials that go into each hand-polished pair.


Handmade by skilled artisans, the designs are drawn from a range of influences - from Art Deco jewellery to mid-century furniture, with an emphasis on timelessness and continuity of form. The unique textures and saturated hues borrow from nature and are a strong focal point of the designs. Colour is a major factor in the new collection, with jewel-toned lenses that complement the handmade Japanese zyl acetate (the world’s finest plastic) in hues of tortoise and midnight blue.